Fixate Cookbook has Arrived


Got the Fixate cookbook yesterday, so tonight I made the turkey chili… Fantastic! If this meal is an indication of how the rest of the recipes will be, it will be gourmet cuisine all the way at our house. The portions are HUGE for this too! Even my daughter loved it and she is picky!

2 weeks of the 21 day fix down, and I’m still loving it. My husband and I even managed to go out for dinner and not get carried away on portions – but dining at a restaurant after eating clean for 2 weeks is a real eye opener. We went to Mongolian Village where you pick out your own ingredients and they cook it for you because we figured that was the best option. You have a selection of noodles, meat, veggies and sauces to choose from and that part was fine – you can make up a really healthful dish – but when they cooked it, they added so much oil, it made it really greasy. I guess I should have been specific to ask to use a lot less oil, or just forgo it altogether as is seems they soak some of the meats in oil, but I wouldn’t have expected them to use so much. The dish would have been so much better with minimal amounts. Date nights are always fun nights to go out for supper, but I’ll have to just watch out for the extra ingredients… Or, we can turn our kitchen in to the gourmet restaurant, we love to cook anyway.

I almost missed a workout on Saturday, but I felt I needed it, so in the evening still managed to get it in. Today I did the yoga, then a little extra treadmill running to try and burn off some of that extra grease, haha I feel like if I don’t do the workouts, I’m cheating. I’ve got one more week until the first round of 21 day fix is over, why start flaking out now? I feel like bad habits are being broken. I feel awesome.

2 weeks down, 1 to go! Looking forward to finding out and sharing the final results of the first 21 days.


21 Day Fix – Day 12

12 days in and still going strong with the 21 day fix program. I feel great and am definitely noticing changes in my form and tone. I have lost some weight, though I’ll wait until the end of the program to see what I end with.

I’m proud to say that I have not missed a single workout, even with them being 7 days a week. For me even the “easy” ones are a challenge, but in this second week I am feeling stronger and able to motor through them without doing the modified versions of the workouts most of the time.

I have stuck to the meal plans. There was one day early on where at an event I had to pick and choose, but I think even then, I did okay. Still after 12 days, there has NEVER been a day where I have been hungry after I’ve finished my containers and I’m not craving anything.

I mean, how could I still be hungry when this is what I can eat for supper??


Potatoes with 21 day fix Mediterranean seasoning, pork tenderloin with 21’s Smoky Southwestern seasoning and steamed veggies.

If anyone is considering this program for weight loss or just to get in shape, do it! You won’t regret it. I feel better and healthier than I have in a long time, and I’m so full of energy. It’s been a positive experience in every way, and it has motivated my hubby to get on board.

I love that when I slept in this morning and decided to do my exercise this evening (instead of 5:30am like I have been), my 3.5 year old daughter bursts in my room to ask me why I haven’t done my exercises. She’s watching us, and she’s keeping tabs, and I feel like it’s important that she sees us trying, and working towards being healthy. She will understand what it’s all about one day, just like I now understand the determination and dedication it took for my mom to run marathons while my brother and I were growing up. We have to work hard for all the good things in life, but it’s so worth the work when you take on a goal and just really crush it good.

Little over halfway through the first round of the 21 day fix, looking forward to sharing more updates, recipes as I work my way through.

I have one yellow container left today, and I’m filling it with wine! Cheers!

21 Day Fix – Week 1 done!

I’m happy to report that I completed the first week of the 21 day fix! There was only 1 day where wether or not I stayed on track with eating was questionable (had to pick and choose at an event, but did my best!), but I did the exercises every day.

At the moment, I don’t want to pay attention to my weight because it can fluctuate so much in a single day and I don’t want to disappoint myself. What I am paying attention to however, is how I FEEL – which I can honestly say is amazing. I’m finding that I have increased energy, I’m awake, I don’t slump in the afternoons – I just feel good. I have noticed some change in my body as well. I feel like I can physically see a difference already.

After a week, I can still say that this is a diet where I have not been left hungry. I still don’t always eat all the containers in a day, and I feel full, not stuffed. I thought cravings would be harder too, and while I’m in the presence of things that I crave (sweets), I have the control to say no.

When I first looked at the guide, I really thought I would have a hard time creating recipes, but that hasn’t been the case at all. We’ve been eating great and the food we have been cooking tastes fantastic. I’ve tried a few things out of the guide, and I particularly love the spices, but everything else so far as just been my own creations and they have worked out great. I’m waiting to receive the Fixate cookbook, and I’m excited to see what recipes will be in there.

Since I’m raving about the food, here’s a few photos of the stuff that I’ve made so far.


This is the stir fry recipe from the guide (used white asparagus instead of green). It was delicious, served it with quinoa, and used the all purpose spice recipe.


This was oh so good stuffed peppers. I mixed in veggies, I believe cherry tomatoes, zuchini, mushrooms and some peppers with lean ground turkey, then shredded some carrot and quinoa. Baked, then added cheese. THESE WERE AWESOME. And the leftover mixture was good for the next night’s meal.


This was using the leftover pepper stuffing mixture. We combined it with scrambled eggs and served with a side of zucchini and portobello mushrooms.


Also made a delicious sirloin steak, and used a little bit of reduced salt steak spice. Served it with roasted potatoes and vegetables.


And last but not least, this morning’s breakfast was egg/feta/veggies/spinash/ham breakfast muffins.

There are lots of ideas on pinterest to start from which is what I did.

More updates to come as I head in to week 2 of the 21 day fix!

21 day fix challenge update

I promised myself I would start the Beachbody 21 day fix challenge on Saturday, and I did. I’m in a challenge group that started on Monday, so I waited on the exercise portion of the 21-day fix until then and got started with the eating plan on Saturday.

Working with the containers certainly has made things easier than any of the other diets where I have had to count caloric intake by numbers. I really like the system and not having to calculate every food I eat. I haven’t found the allowed foods too limiting yet, and it isn’t far off from what we eat already. I’m waiting on the cookbook for more meal ideas, and I know there are lots available on Pinterest as well, so I will be checking that out.

I really didn’t think I would like the shakes, but I have to say that Shakeology is really good. I don’t think I could drink it on its own, but I’ve had two so far, one was a chai shake made with black tea, chocolate Shakeology and chai spice, and today’s was vanilla mocha, with vanilla, coffee and chocolate Shakeology. I really enjoyed the vanilla mocha, and added a bit more ice to make it thicker. I used that instead of my regular morning coffee. While I love Shakeology, I don’t think I will keep up with it in the long run – I would love to, but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. After this round is over, I will be looking in to alternative solutions, and I have read that the vega meal replacements are comparable. When the 30 days of Shakeology are up, I may switch to this option, and only do the shakes every second day to cut down on the cost. Vega meal replacement is about $54 for 20 servings, where Shakeology is $155 for 30 servings. In my research I can understand why Shakeology is so expensive, it is so rich in superfoods and nutrients, but it’s really beyond my budget.

I started the workouts on Monday, and they are challenging. I’ve done two so far, and my legs are sore! I still need to get the appropriate weights for the workouts (I’ve been using two tomato juice cans, lol) and hope to do that tonight so I can maximize what I get out of the workouts. Apparently I fung shui-d my old weights out when we moved – silly me. For now, I’m waking up at 5:45 to get my workout in, but I’ll have to see how that will fit in to my new schedule once my work moves (we are changing locations) and I have more of a commute. I may end up doing evening workouts.

All in all, I am really enjoying the program so far. I have not been hungry – nor have I been able to finish all the containers that I’m supposed to eat in a day. I can see where I fall short in my nutrition almost immediately, as I generally eat my go to foods first then realize that I still have so many fruits and veggies left to eat. I’m trying to even that out now by bringing fruits and veggies to work for lunch, then serve more veggies with dinner.

Between this diet and weight watchers, clean eating has made a big difference. While weight watchers boasts that you can eat anything you want, when I was on it, I would stick to salty foods or carbs that would just make me more hungry. With clean eating, I’m finding that I’m fuller longer, and I haven’t been craving much at all – even dessert.

That’s the update that I have for now, and I’ll keep posting as I continue through the next 20 (almost 19) days of the program. 🙂