Blog Resurrection & BodyBoss

It has been a long LONG time since I have posted on this blog – about 3 years! A lot has happened in my life in that time, but the highlights have been having another baby (who will be two this August), and leaving my old job to take on a much more challenging role as the manager of a team of multimedia designers and developers. While these have been very positive things to happen in my life, they have consumed a lot of time, and have not been all that conducive to leading the healthiest of lifestyles. I know that it is entirely possible to have a job, children AND a healthy lifestyle, I’ve just found it to be particularly challenging.

Lately my anxiety has been ramping up, and while some of it is just who I am, I know what plays a big role in aggravating it is not finding the time to put healthy living at the forefront of all of life’s other tasks – and so that’s why I’m here again.

Last time I was here writing about the 21 Day Fix, which was and still is an amazing program, but this time I’m trying something new. As much as I loved the 21 Day Fix, it is a program that is 7 days a week. While there are less challenging days than others in the program, I feel like 7 days a week is too much of a commitment for me to make with all the other things going on in life. Apart from fitness, I do also need time to just read a book, or watch tv, or do something that has no level of physical or mental effort.

Over the last year, this BodyBoss Method stuff has been coming up in my Facebook feed. I’d glance at it occasionally and think, ‘yeah that looks cool, but there’s so many of these things out there’. A few months ago, a friend of mine took the plunge and decided to try it. She’s a busy mom with two kinds under two years old, and she’s been finding the time to make it work for her and she has been having success with it. I always find these things to be more motivating when someone you know personally is doing the program and succeeding. I’ve decided to try it, starting today. (Technically the program is supposed to start on Monday, but I’ll be starting it today because I’m a day late and don’t want to wait until next Monday).

With the BodyBoss Method the workouts are the main focus. While they do now have a nutrition plan/guide, it is only expected that you eat healthy and reasonable portions. It is a 12 week program running Monday to Friday, 3 days a week of intense workouts (approximately 36 mins including warmup and cool-down), one rest day a week and one day of any kind of cardio a week. Already with just that schedule, I’m optimistic that I can make this work.¬†Weekends are always so jam packed with doing stuff for the kids that I’m happy that I don’t have to try to make exercise fit in to the weekend. When I did the 21 Day Fix, it was always the weekend workouts that were the biggest challenge, because the only time I could fit them in was when the kids went to bed, by which time I was already exhausted.

I will leave it at this for now as this post is already turning in to a novel. I will kick off the first workout tonight and report back on how it went. I look forward to continuing to update this blog with progress on the BodyBoss Method fitness program, as well as other things like recipes I find that are healthy and delicious, or other health or fitness related stories.