21 Day Fix Ingredients

So far, cooking meals for the 21 day fix has been very reasonable. When we stick to basics, the food stays relatively inexpensive, no more so than our regular grocery bills. As I’m starting to expand our bank of recipes at home, I’d like to be able to include some breakfast bars, or muffins as grab and go items so that I don’t have to plan so much for mornings. (My job location will be changing soon, and I’ll have a lot less time to be making up breakfasts).

There are quite a few recipes in the Fixate cookbook that look great – BUT – they are all requiring almond flour, or coconut flour – things I’ve never purchased before. Here I am looking up the cost of these items and then realizing – holy crap! I can’t afford to buy the ingredients that they want you to put in these things. $22-ish for a bag of almond flour??? Even at Walmart they have cheaper almond flour, but I’m still looking at between $12-15 for a really small bag. Maybe some people are willing to pay that, but I just really can’t justify it as an item I would buy on a regular basis. I need to be able to work with affordable ingredients.

Over the next while, I will be on a quest to find some breakfast bar or muffin recipes that do not require such expensive ingredients. There has to be something out there.

If you have done the 21-day fix, or are doing it, have you found anything you want to share? If you’ve published any recipes, I would love include a link to the recipe on your blog or website if that’s something you are interested in. Please feel free to comment or get in touch!