Great Ab Workout

On Tuesday, I didn’t get around to snowshoeing or running at lunch, so I made good use of my Gymbox membership and did a half-hour step class, and a 16 minute ab workout. Gymbox offers hour long step classes, but I’m going to have to work my way up to those as I have two left feet, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any step, and I have trouble getting the moves right. I don’t want to get too frustrated. That half hour was enough to break a good sweat though, I find step really gets you warmed up quickly.

I figured a half hour wasn’t really long enough of a workout though, so I opted to do some core work. I did a 16 minute ab class thinking it would be a good trial, and was it ever! My core is sore! I figured it would be easy since it was such a short class….. well, I was wrong. It was great though, and I will torture myself again with it soon. haha She really worked all of the abdominal area, I think if I keep that up, I’ll have abs of steel in no time. Hurrah for the Gymbox!

The Gymbox

I haven’t been keeping up my desired 3x a week runs because mother nature and a slew of illnesses have not been very conducive to a good routine. This has made it even more apparent that I need an alternative (or addition) to my runs.

About a year ago, we bought a Boxee Box, and when we were browsing through the apps, I came across The Gymbox app. I did a free trial of it, and it was awesome, but then the trial expired, and I never looked in to paying for it after that. Also, I was home on mat leave with my daughter, and if I wanted to exercise, I’d plop her in the stroller and go for a run… 🙂

What is The Gymbox? Well, I guess I should have answered that first. It’s an app that gives you access to lots of workout videos! There’s cardio, kickboxing, step aerobics, and more! Check out some samples here: (The videos are high quality with a paid subscription).

Anyway, I decided to look The Gymbox back up. The price is still as awesome as ever. Only cost me $99USD for a whole year’s subscription!

I just signed up today, and can’t wait to get connected and use it again. The great thing too is that The Gymbox used to be limited to certain media players like Boxee Box, but they actually have a web app for it now! Which means that I can exercise wherever I want, even off my iPad or laptop, I’m not just just confined to the TV area! I could do yoga outside with the iPad in the summer time if I so pleased! Genius!

Anyway, my plan is to run 3x a week, and do some of the gymbox exercises in between, or when the weather is being a pain in the butt, replace a run with a step workout or another cardio workout off the gymbox.

I’ve still got a few months before the warmer weather, and friends helping to keep me motivated to keep on working out, so I think this is going to be a great solution for me!



Day 5 – 30 Day Ab Challenge


Okay, today was a little more challenging. It’s pretty hard to get through 30 situps. I’m kind of getting scared about the rest of this challenge! Ha!

I find crunches and leg raises aren’t so bad.

Was planking easier this morning? It kind of felt like 20seconds wasn’t as bad at 10 or 15. Pretty happy about that!


30-Day Ab Challenge


Okay, so I know I said my first (or second) post would be my pictures. I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t had the opportunity to take them yet, and will get to them before my run today. Promise!

A friend of mine sent me this ab challenge a while ago and I’m finally going to do it. Day 1 was today. I will be honest and say that I cheat for the situps by putting my feet under the couch, but rest assured I’m doing the work, I just have a really hard time with my back and this lessens the back pain. My abs are feeling the workout though, so I’m happy with continuing on the way I’m doing it. I think the point is just to challenge yourself to get the ab work done, not kill yourself, so.. yeah.

Now that today’s ab challenge is out of the way, it’s lunch time, so pictures and run time. No excuses, it’s a beautiful day out there.