So here we are, January 1st, 2015 and I’m pretty sure 10lbs heavier than I was last week. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, so this is not the post where I say that I’m going to start a new crazy routine and stick to it, BUT it is the post where I realize (like I do every year) that I need to make a better effort to gain control of my health through healthy diet and exercise. As I’m currently in the post-holiday “if I see any more food, I’m going to puke” phase of the season, I think this is a good time to re-assess my goals for this year, and here they are:

2015 Health Goals

1. Exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week for 30+ minutes – This is a reasonable goal. I don’t have to run every day, or do a hard core workout, but I must commit to at the very least doing 30 minutes 3x a week of SOMETHING. Even if I’m tired, I can still take a walk… cold or not, I’m Canadian, I have mitts and a hat, no excuses.

2. Eat sensibly. No fad diets. No major overhauls, just pick recipes that are sensible, no dining out, and eat reasonable portions (biggest problem).

3. Drink water. Lots of water. Stay hydrated. This one is so hard for me.

4. Find a workout other than just running that I can mix things up with. Not sure if that will be gymbox, or if I will just find some other workout videos, or what, but I want to add to just the running with something that I will stick to.

Okay, so that’s it. Here we go 2015. I’m ready. Today is the last day of stuffing myself.


The Cooler Weather has Arrived

Well, the Almanac said that it would be an early winter this year, but I feel like we’re only starting to see the cooler weather now this late in the year. I’m sure lots of people would like to throw their shoes at me for insinuating that any sign of winter is upon us, but alas people… it’s the end of October, and not uncommon to have had a flurry by now, but I digress.

RUNNING. Where I have been with running. Well, I after a great month of running activity in September (including this year’s beer run which was even more fun than the previous year), I crashed in October. I’ve got one run in this week, which I believe is the first I’ve done this MONTH – in new all-season under armor running pants to boot – and I hope that marks the beginning of a productive winter of running.

My goal this winter is to NOT BE LAZY. It’s cold. I’m Canadian, I should be used to this cold weather garbage by now. The cold is not an excuse for me to sit on the couch and overeat. I enjoyed freezing my arse off with lunch runs last year, and I WILL enjoy them again this year..

Speaking of which, it’s lunch time, I’m running today, and it’s 5 degrees out. Here I go!

The Herd Mentality

Wow! Yesterday’s 5.5k run was the fastest I’ve managed to do all summer and I can totally attribute it to the herd mentality. The fastest 5K I’ve EVER run was 30 minutes and 12 seconds. That was last year after many many trail runs over rough terrain with lots of ups, downs – oops! watch out for that tree root.. well you get the picture.

I made my 5k in 32:01 yesterday after trying to keep up with my run group people. They’ve all become so much faster in the short time that I’ve been running with them that I just didn’t want to fall behind… So faster I went.

Was it painful? Yes! Did I have to walk at some points? Yes! Do I love the benefit of running with people who are faster than me? Absolutely! Must… not… fall… too far behind.

Yesterday’s run was so fast, I burnt the soles right off my shoes… Ok, no, my shoes were two years old and very worn down (I’m proud to say). I replaced them last night with a shiny new pair of Asics (my faves). Can’t wait to try them out!


Where Did Summer Go?

Wow, so I haven’t blogged since the 10k I did a few months back. I’ve been a slacker on the blogging, and honestly, on the jogging this summer too.

While I have been getting a few runs in here and there, this summer surprised me because I wanted it to be a summer full of exercise. It wasn’t. As soon as the heat hit, I stopped jogging at lunch time at work. I would have loved to have kept the lunch runs going, but it was way too hot work doesn’t have a shower. I didn’t bike to work this summer either, which was also disappointing. The one day I finally said ‘enough is enough I’m biking in tomorrow’, I blew up my bike tires and they were no good. It wouldn’t have been a big deal to just get new tubes for the tires, but I just didn’t get around to it, so that was that.

One thing I did do that has been beneficial in helping me get any runs in at all was join a running group that a friend I used to work with invited me to. They run Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings year round. It’s great because there’s motivation for me to keep going at least twice a week. I’m looking forward to fall and winter with them as I’m sure I’ll need that extra push to get out there.

Now that the weather is much much cooler, I’m intending to also resurrect my lunch runs. I really do miss getting on the trail and I need to get out there before winter comes and the trail is 3 feet deep in snow.

I can’t believe how fast the summer has flown by, let’s hope winter makes its way through just as fast. A girl can dream anyway.

First ‘official’ 10K done!


My Mother and I after the MEC 10K.

Despite not having done a lot of running (as per my last post), I did great last week in catching up, running 3x, 2 of which the distances were more than 5K. Began Monday with a 5K at lunch time, I went to the Running Room group run on Wednesday (joined the 10k training group who were running 6.5k, and did great with that in pretty good time), and to finish off the week – SURPRISE – my first official 10K race decided upon last minute on Sunday. What a great and productive week for running!

Sunday’s race was an MEC Race in Carp. Only $15 bucks, so I figured, why not try 10K? If I can’t finish it, then oh well…. BUT, I finished it, and ran that whole thing, giant hill and all! I made a big effort not to blast all my energy at the start by pacing myself and that worked out really well. I ran slower, with an average pace of 7:09/KM, but I think that’s pretty good for a first race time. My time was 1:11:35. Woohoo!

When Life Gets In The Way

storm_cloudsI haven’t blogged much, but in the past 3 weeks I haven’t done much to blog about. Fortunately, it’s not July and summer isn’t officially here yet, so I still have time to ramp up my running to reach the goals that I have this year.

Life has been demanding and stressful, and when that happens, the exercise seems to get tossed aside. I need to learn to manage stress and still keep active because in the time that I’ve stopped exercising, my mood has been terrible. I think that exercise definitely keeps me balanced, and it’s more beneficial for me to get out there in every way. It’s just soooo hard to pick myself up sometimes and stay motivated when you’re just feeling run down.

I need to run though. Running seems to be the only thing that I don’t have worry about. Even if it’s a slow run, it doesn’t cost me anything to lace up my shoes, breathe in fresh air, and take in the scenery. I just need to give myself a kick to get started and I think I’ll be okay.

So, with that being said, I’ve decided to try running with the Running Room. I’m not signing up for a clinic or anything, just going to participate in their runs that they do a couple of times a week. Maybe the heard mentality will pull me in the right direction, and if I meet some other running buddies, maybe they can hold me accountable for being there and that will force me off my behind.

Sometimes life throws a lot of curve balls, seemingly all at once. I need to learn to truck on through because feeling good about improving yourself physically generally has the waterfall effect of making you feel so much better in every other way too.

Now, important decisions…. This weekend, Carp…. Should I do 5k which I know I can do, or try my first 10K race on a course that I may not be able to do?

A great 5 miles (8k) at the Manotick Miler



Back in January, K and I signed up for the Manotick miler. We mostly run 5k’s, but we decided to try an 8k (5 miler). It was a great day for it and it was a lot of fun. I hadn’t run much leading up to it, so I was kind of scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but K made me push myself, I’m glad she was there with me!

We ran together, pacing each other the whole way. She’d get ahead, so I’d speed up, get ahead a bit, then I’d slow down for a break and she’d sprint forward and do the same. It was kind of like little intervals. I ended up having a stitch or two along the way, but nothing that didn’t work itself out pretty quickly.

I felt like I was doing okay up until the 5k mark. That’s where my body thought it was done, and I had to fight with myself to tell it, “no, we have 3k left”. It felt like I had slowed down a lot in the last 3k, but the clock actually read that we kept pace, so that’s pretty cool.

At the end, I ran the 5 miler in 53 minutes and 44 seconds, at a pace of 6:40 per km. I think that’s great for the first race of the season.

Now…. what to do next!