As an active person, if anyone, I should know the importance of staying hydrated right? Well, whether I know the importance or not, I have a really hard time taking in the amount of fluid/water that I’m supposed to drink every day. It’s bad. Really bad. How bad? Well, I will go an entire day on a cup of coffee being the only fluid intake, and of course… that works against me. I can only imagine what I’m doing to body, especially on the days where I run and don’t even drink a glass of water after.

It’s not that I want to be this bad to my body, I just really have a hard time drinking what I’m supposed to drink. Even on a day where I’m really conscious and make a really huge effort to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day, I’m lucky if I make it to 3 or 4. I think the biggest part of the problem is that like anything else in my life, without being part of my routine it really just gets forgotten. I’ve tried in the past to put a bottle of water on my desk at work and sip throughout the day, but I just end up holding on to the bottle and at the end of the workday, it’s still sitting there untouched. My brain just doesn’t think about it.

Well, that needs to change. I realize that this is not a good habit and it hasn’t been for years. Right now, I’m working on ways to make sure I get what my body needs and I’m being strict and it seems to be helping. So, for anyone else who knows they aren’t drinking enough, because I can’t be the only person on earth who isn’t well hydrated – here are a few ways I’m making myself drink:

  • First thing in the morning, I make it a point to drink 3 glasses of water as soon as I get downstairs to the tap.
  • If I don’t drink those 3 glasses of water. I don’t get coffee. I love coffee, so I’ve been drinking the 3 glasses of water.
  • At work, I must drink at least another 3 glasses of water during the day. 4 on days that I run. – I haven’t figured out my punishment for not doing this yet.
  • I keep a water bottle by the bed at night, and I want to see that bottle empty before bed. This isn’t the greatest idea as I wake up with a really full bladder sometimes really early in the morning, but drinking the bottle of water at night gets me to drink it, so I keep going with it.
  • I drink hot water. What? Gross! Well, for some reason, it works to get me to drink it, so who cares about the temperature? That’s right! I boil the water, then drink plain water like it’s tea. At some point, I will find a caffeine-free herbal tea solution that I like and I’m sure that will help, but for now, drinking hot water works… and it gives me a little break at work when I go boil the kettle.
  • I drink watered down juice sometimes at home.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got so far. If anyone else has any tips on how they stay hydrated, or at least drink what you’re supposed to drink in a day, I’m all ears, because I really really need to stay on top of this.


This year has been a great year all around – especially for running.

Great friends, motivation, and great places to run almost had me meet my 5K time goal of 30 minutes this year. Here’s to going above and beyond in 2014.

I’m hoping to consistently nail 3x a week of jogging on my lunch hours, and doing other workouts in between. For the winter, I intend to use the Gymbox on my Boxee, then in the summer, get involved in some kind of outdoor activity for the days I don’t run.

Thanks to K, I have already registered for my first run of 2014, which will be the Manotick Miler. I’ve chosen to do the 8k, but who knows, maybe by April I’ll set my sights a little higher.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014! Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!

Every Accomplishment Starts With the Decision to Try

My goal for a 5k is to do it in 30 minutes. Today, after a summer with lots of running and trying new things to try and shave off time to make that goal, I finally got so much closer! 30:30! I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. I am so close!

I can’t say that my next run will be as close, but you never know. Sometimes the whole run and time is just about how you feel when you’re doing it. Some days I can barely make it under 40 minutes, and then there’s the days like today that surprise you. I wasn’t feeling great, it was a blah day, crappy weather, windy, cold… but after sitting on my buns all day I thought, I should really get out there. I dragged myself outside, and I am so glad I did. Who knew today would be the day that I’d pick it up?? Of all days, a Monday too!

I’m proud that I’ve come this far. About 6 months ago, doing a 5k in 30 minutes didn’t seem possible to me, but having that goal, and making the conscious effort to get out there and try to achieve it was worth it all. 

This post is a sincere thank you to my running buddies, K, M and L, and to my mom, who still kicks ass in a half marathon in her sixties, what an inspiration.

30:30. Don’t say you can’t do something until you try. You will surprise yourself.

A Few Healthy Recipes With Quinoa

Over the weekend we tried a couple of recipes with quinoa. I found two recipes online, and both of them turned out great. I made an Asian Quinoa Salad with Edmame beans, and vegetarian Spinach Quinoa burgers. I figured I’d share since they were both delicious.

For the Quinoa burgers, I made them according to the recipe, which can be found here: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2013/06/quinoa-and-spinach-patties.html We BBQ’d them, and they were really awesome. Topped them with tomato, pickles, cheese, onion and a bit of ketchup. Perfect!

The Quinoa/Edamame salad was also great! I have a picture below of some that I made this morning for lunch today. I made way too much quinoa, and had lots leftover, so mixing this up only took a few minutes. I modified the recipe a bit to save time by using a pre-made sesame dressing (Kraft), but I would imagine the dressing that is in the original recipe would be pretty amazing too, and that recipe can be found here: http://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/asian-quinoa-salad/


If you like Quinoa, chances are you’ll love these recipes!

So Much To Do, So Little Energy

I read an article yesterday that said that every 23 years (I think it was), the Earth flips aligning with the solar rays of the sun or something. Okay, so I read it, but can’t really remember exactly what it said… but I digress, it’s not that important. The gist of it was that something is happening to the Earth that happens every 23 years, and it can drain your energy.

I don’t know if I actually believe any of it, BUT I need to find something to blame my lack of energy and terrible sleep on, so I’ll go with it.

The point of this blog was for me to be able to track my efforts in terms of getting in shape, and to be honest with myself. So… Honestly, though I have been running, I haven’t been doing much else, and that needs to change.

I have fallen off the wagon with the 30-day ab challenge, which I’m disappointed about because I really felt like it was helping me to tone up my abs, and it was a good way to start the day. I’ve toyed with the idea of just continuing on from where I left off, but I think at this point, I’m just going to start over.

The last couple of weeks has just been busy. It’s not an excuse to not exercise really… but I’m still working on balancing it all.

I really hope the darn Earth just flips soon so that I can have an energy burst. (If that’s what happens). I’m tired of being tired.

When you have to exercise but you don’t want to.

After yesterday’s 10k run, my legs are definitely feeling a little stiff, and overall, I’m pretty darn tired. I woke up on the wrong side of Monday this morning (even though it’s Tuesday, but it’s the first day of this work week after a long weekend), and I had a doctor’s appointment that I roller-bladed to.

My doctor saw my roller-blades and commended me on my choice of transportation. Little did he know that I was in no mood to roller-blade today, and I swore all the way to my appointment since I’m crusty and chose to go in a way that had me skating uphill even more so than usual. I think it was only a 10 minute skate (20 total going both ways), if that…. but holy cow. MOO!

Bad days suck. BUT, I can look at the positive angle that I at least did 20 minutes of exercise today. That, coupled with the scale telling me I’m three pounds lighter makes this day just slightly easier to stomach.


Last week was a bad week. A lot of things went by the wayside including house chores and exercise. I’ve gone off track with pretty much everything, BUT hopefully, starting with this morning’s run in a pretty location I can get back at it. Every once in a while these whirlwind weeks happen and I think as long as I can just put it behind me and not take forever to get back on the proverbial exercise wagon, then I’m good to go.

My mother did tell me that I looked more toned after she was over Friday, so that’s encouraging!

I’m a couple days behind on the 30-day challenge and I think that trying to do like 300 sit-ups or whatever might discourage me from continuing, so I’m just going to pick up where I left off and take out the rest days 🙂

Sometimes the plan changes, but I think as long as there is still a plan, that’s what matters.