The Cooler Weather has Arrived

Well, the Almanac said that it would be an early winter this year, but I feel like we’re only starting to see the cooler weather now this late in the year. I’m sure lots of people would like to throw their shoes at me for insinuating that any sign of winter is upon us, but alas people… it’s the end of October, and not uncommon to have had a flurry by now, but I digress.

RUNNING. Where I have been with running. Well, I after a great month of running activity in September (including this year’s beer run which was even more fun than the previous year), I crashed in October. I’ve got one run in this week, which I believe is the first I’ve done this MONTH – in new all-season under armor running pants to boot – and I hope that marks the beginning of a productive winter of running.

My goal this winter is to NOT BE LAZY. It’s cold. I’m Canadian, I should be used to this cold weather garbage by now. The cold is not an excuse for me to sit on the couch and overeat. I enjoyed freezing my arse off with lunch runs last year, and I WILL enjoy them again this year..

Speaking of which, it’s lunch time, I’m running today, and it’s 5 degrees out. Here I go!

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