The Herd Mentality

Wow! Yesterday’s 5.5k run was the fastest I’ve managed to do all summer and I can totally attribute it to the herd mentality. The fastest 5K I’ve EVER run was 30 minutes and 12 seconds. That was last year after many many trail runs over rough terrain with lots of ups, downs – oops! watch out for that tree root.. well you get the picture.

I made my 5k in 32:01 yesterday after trying to keep up with my run group people. They’ve all become so much faster in the short time that I’ve been running with them that I just didn’t want to fall behind… So faster I went.

Was it painful? Yes! Did I have to walk at some points? Yes! Do I love the benefit of running with people who are faster than me? Absolutely! Must… not… fall… too far behind.

Yesterday’s run was so fast, I burnt the soles right off my shoes… Ok, no, my shoes were two years old and very worn down (I’m proud to say). I replaced them last night with a shiny new pair of Asics (my faves). Can’t wait to try them out!


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