Where Did Summer Go?

Wow, so I haven’t blogged since the 10k I did a few months back. I’ve been a slacker on the blogging, and honestly, on the jogging this summer too.

While I have been getting a few runs in here and there, this summer surprised me because I wanted it to be a summer full of exercise. It wasn’t. As soon as the heat hit, I stopped jogging at lunch time at work. I would have loved to have kept the lunch runs going, but it was way too hot work doesn’t have a shower. I didn’t bike to work this summer either, which was also disappointing. The one day I finally said ‘enough is enough I’m biking in tomorrow’, I blew up my bike tires and they were no good. It wouldn’t have been a big deal to just get new tubes for the tires, but I just didn’t get around to it, so that was that.

One thing I did do that has been beneficial in helping me get any runs in at all was join a running group that a friend I used to work with invited me to. They run Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings year round. It’s great because there’s motivation for me to keep going at least twice a week. I’m looking forward to fall and winter with them as I’m sure I’ll need that extra push to get out there.

Now that the weather is much much cooler, I’m intending to also resurrect my lunch runs. I really do miss getting on the trail and I need to get out there before winter comes and the trail is 3 feet deep in snow.

I can’t believe how fast the summer has flown by, let’s hope winter makes its way through just as fast. A girl can dream anyway.


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