First ‘official’ 10K done!


My Mother and I after the MEC 10K.

Despite not having done a lot of running (as per my last post), I did great last week in catching up, running 3x, 2 of which the distances were more than 5K. Began Monday with a 5K at lunch time, I went to the Running Room group run on Wednesday (joined the 10k training group who were running 6.5k, and did great with that in pretty good time), and to finish off the week – SURPRISE – my first official 10K race decided upon last minute on Sunday. What a great and productive week for running!

Sunday’s race was an MEC Race in Carp. Only $15 bucks, so I figured, why not try 10K? If I can’t finish it, then oh well…. BUT, I finished it, and ran that whole thing, giant hill and all! I made a big effort not to blast all my energy at the start by pacing myself and that worked out really well. I ran slower, with an average pace of 7:09/KM, but I think that’s pretty good for a first race time. My time was 1:11:35. Woohoo!


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