A great 5 miles (8k) at the Manotick Miler



Back in January, K and I signed up for the Manotick miler. We mostly run 5k’s, but we decided to try an 8k (5 miler). It was a great day for it and it was a lot of fun. I hadn’t run much leading up to it, so I was kind of scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but K made me push myself, I’m glad she was there with me!

We ran together, pacing each other the whole way. She’d get ahead, so I’d speed up, get ahead a bit, then I’d slow down for a break and she’d sprint forward and do the same. It was kind of like little intervals. I ended up having a stitch or two along the way, but nothing that didn’t work itself out pretty quickly.

I felt like I was doing okay up until the 5k mark. That’s where my body thought it was done, and I had to fight with myself to tell it, “no, we have 3k left”. It felt like I had slowed down a lot in the last 3k, but the clock actually read that we kept pace, so that’s pretty cool.

At the end, I ran the 5 miler in 53 minutes and 44 seconds, at a pace of 6:40 per km. I think that’s great for the first race of the season.

Now…. what to do next!



One thought on “A great 5 miles (8k) at the Manotick Miler

  1. No matter who you are, no matter where you are in your training, you will come to the point where you think you have hit the wall of your limitations. It doesn’t really matter if it’s running a mile in four minutes, or finishing a 10k in under an hour. At some point, you have to make the decision to do more than you ever thought you could. No matter what the voices in your head are telling you, when you keep going, something magical happens.

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