Some People Were Born to be Heroes

At the Bushtukah SWEET even this year, one of the guest speakers was Sindy Hooper. I didn’t attend the event this year, but my mother did and relayed Sindy’s story back to me, and it really struck a chord. I didn’t need to be at the event to be inspired by this woman. She is absolutely a hero in my books.

Sindy, in her fifties, is a very active mom and triathlete. She has competed in the Ironman Canada, and participated in numerous triathlons. Just her stories about training and doing the Ironman competitions is enough to inspire many people to want to be fit, keep going, push their limits… Sindy’s story becomes epically amazing and inspirational as she receives a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, undergoes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and still crosses the finish line (while still undergoing chemo) to the Ironman Canada.

Wow. Just simply wow.

A good article about her can be read here on Canadian Living’s website.

This amazing story will certainly be with me next time I am out there running, replacing the negative thoughts that often creep in, making me push a little harder, run a little longer, go a little faster, and just enjoy everything that I’m blessed to have a whole lot more. Sindy Hooper, you are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.


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