A Good 10k!

I haven’t run many 10k runs, in fact I’m pretty sure that I could count the times I’ve run them on one hand. I stuck with doing 5K because that’s what I could fit in to my lunch hour comfortably, and doing them didn’t make me tired, or unable to walk the next day (like a few 10k’s I’ve done have).

This weekend, after what I feel has been a pretty productive winter of running, or just exercising in general, I decided to try 10k again on Sunday. To my very happy surprise, I did 10k in what for me is a great time (1:09:53), and today I feel fine.

I remember how run down 10K made me in the past, which is why I never ran them very often, but staying active this winter has really paid off. While my pace has certainly slowed down a lot, I feel like my endurance is getting better. That can probably be attributed to running on rugged un-cleared sidewalks comparable to what it was like running trail runs in the summer. I think doing step classes has also helped.

Now that I know I can run a 10k without being exhausted for a week afterward (though I was really tired immediately after my run), I’m not so afraid of crossing the 5K threshold.

I’m really looking forward to summer now and seeing what I can do with the warmer weather. Last summer I was soooooo close to hitting my 30 minute 5k goal, and I want to hit that goal, and start making new ones for distance. While I don’t feel that I would ever be the type of person to do a marathon, I’d like to see how far I can go. If I can do 10, I think 15 is definitely attainable, and maybe there is a half-marathon in my future. Who knows?

My main goal is always just to get out there, to get exercise and to try to keep up with 3x a week, but subgoals are nice too.


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