Great Ab Workout

On Tuesday, I didn’t get around to snowshoeing or running at lunch, so I made good use of my Gymbox membership and did a half-hour step class, and a 16 minute ab workout. Gymbox offers hour long step classes, but I’m going to have to work my way up to those as I have two left feet, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any step, and I have trouble getting the moves right. I don’t want to get too frustrated. That half hour was enough to break a good sweat though, I find step really gets you warmed up quickly.

I figured a half hour wasn’t really long enough of a workout though, so I opted to do some core work. I did a 16 minute ab class thinking it would be a good trial, and was it ever! My core is sore! I figured it would be easy since it was such a short class….. well, I was wrong. It was great though, and I will torture myself again with it soon. haha She really worked all of the abdominal area, I think if I keep that up, I’ll have abs of steel in no time. Hurrah for the Gymbox!

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