The Beer Run 2013


This year, Ottawa (and InStride) hosted their first Beer Run. The Beer Run started at the Mill Street Brewery and continued another 13.75 kilometers to the Big Rig Brewery, making stops at “Beyond the Pale”, “The Clocktower” and “Kichessippi” breweries along the way.

This was the longest distance I have ever run so far, but it was broken up between brewery stops as 4k, 2.5k, 2k, then 5k which I think made it easier. Could have been the beer tastings too… 😉

This is the map for the run (green flag is the start):


We dressed up as beer bottles for the run as there were prizes for costumes, we thought we’d be the only ones with them since they were ordered from the states, but team six pack, a group of 6 friends wearing the same costumes and their leader holding a severed head ended up taking the trophy. Next Beer Run, I think we’ll need to get 24 people in beer bottle costumes running so we can be a 2-4. 😉

This is my mother and I pre-run at the Mill Street Brewery having a few sips of beer before we took off:


And then we were off. First stop, Beyond the Pale brewery:


After that, Clocktower Brew Pub:


Then, off to Kichessippi:


And right through the finish at Big Rig:



And that’s the beer run! It was a great day, and lots of fun, and I would most certainly do it again!


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