Every Accomplishment Starts With the Decision to Try

My goal for a 5k is to do it in 30 minutes. Today, after a summer with lots of running and trying new things to try and shave off time to make that goal, I finally got so much closer! 30:30! I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. I am so close!

I can’t say that my next run will be as close, but you never know. Sometimes the whole run and time is just about how you feel when you’re doing it. Some days I can barely make it under 40 minutes, and then there’s the days like today that surprise you. I wasn’t feeling great, it was a blah day, crappy weather, windy, cold… but after sitting on my buns all day I thought, I should really get out there. I dragged myself outside, and I am so glad I did. Who knew today would be the day that I’d pick it up?? Of all days, a Monday too!

I’m proud that I’ve come this far. About 6 months ago, doing a 5k in 30 minutes didn’t seem possible to me, but having that goal, and making the conscious effort to get out there and try to achieve it was worth it all. 

This post is a sincere thank you to my running buddies, K, M and L, and to my mom, who still kicks ass in a half marathon in her sixties, what an inspiration.

30:30. Don’t say you can’t do something until you try. You will surprise yourself.


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