Fall is here, pick it up!

I would have though that September would have been a better month for running, since the cooler weather makes for comfy running, but this month has just been busy busy busy with other things.

I have not been meeting my 3x a week goal, and I’ve only been once to the bootcamp I signed up for (which I don’t like at all).

That being said, I did the Army run on Sunday. It was fun, but a little claustrophobic with 12,000 other runners participating, and me pushing my daughter in a baby stroller trying to find somewhere to squeeze in. It’s a great run, and a great course, I think maybe they just need to figure out a better way to separate people at the start line to give more room for running. I think if they did wave starts like Run or Dye did it, instead of corrals (which no one really followed), it might have made the first couple of kilometers a little less sardined. All in all, it was fun.

As for the bootcamp, I’ve gone to one session so far. I don’t think it’s for me. I prefer a bootcamp with a lot of different things, and this bootcamp pretty much consisted of just going up and down a hill and planking in between. I guess I’m looking for something that’s more like a circuit, where you do different exercises of different natures. I think that this bootcamp actually works out different muscles on different days since it’s supposed to be 4x a week, but that doesn’t happen for me, because I only signed up for 1 day/week. I would prefer a bootcamp that works out all the muscles in one day so that I can get a full body workout, then run on the other days. I guess I’m just too darn picky.

I hope to pick things up in October. I really love the cooler weather, and once we come back from our little camping trip, October should allow for more time for runs.


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