And now… September

The last run of August looked a little something like this:


That would be the Run or Dye run, where every kilometer, dye is launched at you while you run. A few days later, and I am still washing the dye out of my skin, but it was a great run, and I’ll do it again (with M. in the pic above).

That was the last August run, and I can’t believe September is here already, 4 days in nonetheless.

My plan was to run yesterday, but it was foiled by the onset of a cold and a sore throat. UGH!!!!! Tonight is supposed to be bootcamp night, and I’m thinking, screw you cold, you will not win, I’m going anyway. I hope I don’t make it worse, but like anything else, I just don’t feel like I can take the time off from my exercise routine because it makes it that much harder to get back in to it. Unless I physically can’t pick myself up off the couch, then I think I need to get my buns out there.

So, see you August, hello September!


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