August has been a busy month on the exercise calendar. While I STILL have not gone back to doing the ab challenge, I will give myself some kudos for the runs that I’ve been doing. While I personally don’t really see too many physical changes just yet, I have had compliments from friends telling me that I look fit, and that really makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something here, and makes me want to keep going.

I’ve started running with a friend once a week on my lunch hour. We decided to try a trail close to where I live/where she works, and we were so excited to discover that it is just AWESOME. I’m lucky to have her there, as I would likely have gotten lost the first time we went out there, and she’s a great motivator! We keep the same pace, and on our first run out there, in 40 degree weather (with the humidex), we tag teamed on getting to 4.25k the first time, and had no trouble the second time in similar weather getting to 5K. Thanks K!

On Wednesday I will start bootcamp once a week with another friend in a park not too far from where I live. I’m pretty excited about that too. That means I’m at least getting in 2 scheduled runs a week, and 1 bootcamp session. My goal is still to get out there 3x a week, so I’d definitely be meeting that!

August has been a great month. I’m looking forward to September, and cooler temperatures for running. Bring on the fall season!

The last “event” for August will be the run or dye 5k this weekend. I’ll be doing this one with my mom and my friend M. It’s a fun run where you get sprayed with dye! Pics to come for sure!!


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