The Great Raisin River Footrace


Photo of me in action at the Great Raisin River Footrace.

Today was fun. I ran the Great Raisin River Footrace in Williamstown. It’s about an hour and a half from where I live and it was a nice drive with my daughter and I singing old McDonald along the way. It didn’t cost much to join in the fun, and I ran my fastest 5k run yet, coming in at 33:02! And it was nice to have my girl at the finish line waiting to cheer me on with Grandpa. 🙂 And my mom running and coming in a minute ahead of me.


A lady raced me at the finish line. It was awesome because it pushed me through the finish line faster when I was just about ready to keel over it instead. She is partly responsible for my time, so thank you lady!! 🙂

I started the race off a bit too fast and paid for it in the last two kilometres when I ran out of steam. It was hot on the sunny side of the road at the 2.5k turnaround mark. I’m looking forward to cooler weather. I’ll be interested to see how I do when I’m not as hot when I run and if that makes a difference. I’d really like to get down to a 30 minute 5k.

Great day, great race, and a good time had by all. (And a sleeping toddler the whole drive home) 🙂

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