When you have to exercise but you don’t want to.

After yesterday’s 10k run, my legs are definitely feeling a little stiff, and overall, I’m pretty darn tired. I woke up on the wrong side of Monday this morning (even though it’s Tuesday, but it’s the first day of this work week after a long weekend), and I had a doctor’s appointment that I roller-bladed to.

My doctor saw my roller-blades and commended me on my choice of transportation. Little did he know that I was in no mood to roller-blade today, and I swore all the way to my appointment since I’m crusty and chose to go in a way that had me skating uphill even more so than usual. I think it was only a 10 minute skate (20 total going both ways), if that…. but holy cow. MOO!

Bad days suck. BUT, I can look at the positive angle that I at least did 20 minutes of exercise today. That, coupled with the scale telling me I’m three pounds lighter makes this day just slightly easier to stomach.


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