A Real Challenge

Since I’ve started this blog up again, I *feel* like I’ve been doing more, but when I read through and get a reality check, I still haven’t met my goal of running three times a week. I’m up to 2, but I’d like to see myself get that other run in.

Now that August is here, I have decided to join a bootcamp. Prices are reasonable, and I tried it out once and it was good. It wasn’t a crazy impossible bootcamp (like the bridal bootcamp I did one session of once and never went back to). Some bootcamps are just over the top, and if I end up in one that’s like that, I’m very likely to just not go. This one seems to do a pretty good job on delivering a full body workout.

I figure if I can do the bootcamp twice a week, and runs 3x a week (and the ab challenge until it’s done) then that’s a pretty good amount of exercise! The Saturday bootcamp is at 9, so I’m thinking maybe I get a run in before I go, then bootcamp… kind of get it all done in one shot, but that might also kill me, so we shall see.


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