30-Day Ab Challenge


Okay, so I know I said my first (or second) post would be my pictures. I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t had the opportunity to take them yet, and will get to them before my run today. Promise!

A friend of mine sent me this ab challenge a while ago and I’m finally going to do it. Day 1 was today. I will be honest and say that I cheat for the situps by putting my feet under the couch, but rest assured I’m doing the work, I just have a really hard time with my back and this lessens the back pain. My abs are feeling the workout though, so I’m happy with continuing on the way I’m doing it. I think the point is just to challenge yourself to get the ab work done, not kill yourself, so.. yeah.

Now that today’s ab challenge is out of the way, it’s lunch time, so pictures and run time. No excuses, it’s a beautiful day out there.




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